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Oxidis Services is a Canadian company specializing in mass disinfection and decontamination for Commercial, Industrial, Lodging and Healthcare sectors. Our proprietary method provides unrivaled atmospheric and hard surface disinfection with minimal manpower requirements

Product announcement: BIOX protective coatings

Oxidis Services has added a new service product to its exciting line-up of services. BIOX protective coatings inactivates organic’s within 5 minutes and ensures up to 6 months of protection. Read More…



Experienced Team

The team here at Oxidis Services are renowned for their global experience. Stacked heavily with industry leading experts in the field of chemistry and disinfection – you can rest assured knowing you’ll have some of the best minds working tirelessly to accommodate your workplace disinfection requirements.

Thorough Consultations

We know you can’t afford any lost time or worse – inferior results. With the many options available it can be tough to figure out which path is best to take. It’s why we place a focus on making sure we dive deep into your current operations and work closely with you to ensure fast, effective solutions.

Unrivaled Quality

Utilizing the latest advancements with our disinfection technology, we can effectively deliver results that far surpass industry standards.
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We offer unrivaled disinfection services for spaces such as – Offices, high traffic workplaces, vehicles, high occupancy workstations, shift changes and close quarter contact.

Temporary Housing & Remote Operations

Compact and Mobile, Oxidis can quickly disinfect high occupancy and high turnover lodging environments such as hotels, camps, enclosed areas, operations trailers, vehicles etc. Contact us today to discover how we can radically improve your sanitation protocols.

Healthcare Facilities

Our extensive experience allows us to specialize in providing superior disinfection for Clinics, Doctor Offices, Chiropractic Offices, Dental Offices, Occupational and long term care facilities.


Kyle Greene

Laed Programmer

Kyle Greene is a professional Chemist and an Environmental Professional who specialized in disinfection, reclamation and water treatment. He has lead several technology, treatment and consulting companies in the environmental sector. Kyle has developed technologies and been disinfecting properties, water systems and food since 2008. He specializes in technology commercialization and has developed 11 patents in water treatment and reclamation.

Kathryn McNain

Lead Designer

Kathryn McNain has been working in technical services for over 10 years in industrial safety as a supplied-air tech, HVAC and eventually electrical. She has worked her way up in the technology sector from labourer to technician and acquiring professional certifications in the securities and asset management sector through the Alberta Insurance Council. She was also an athletic estimator for the National Olympic Committee in Austria and is an artist as well.


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First Contact

Upon first contact we will discuss your objectives, deadlines, concerns and shed a little more light on how you can greatly benefit leveraging our services.

Discussion & Planning

Once a detailed analysis of your objective has been acquired, we then proceed to strategize a fast action plan utilizing our unrivaled disinfection approach. Determining factors include, total space/ surfaces, atmospheric volumes and expected timelines.
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At this stage we know exactly what we need to do to serve you in the quickest, safest and economical manner. Our friendly, professional staff now sets off with our compact and versatile equipment. Prepared to tackle the toughest challenges, we work efficiently to eradicate a multitude of bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold spores and other toxic pollutants currently infecting your place of business.


Implementation of our services not only requires minimal manpower, our proven process leaves zero harmful residue. Furthermore it will not cause secondary population of poisonous residue which is typically something that chemical disinfectants leave behind.

Lasting Control

Once your place of business has received our complete and total disinfection service, we recommend scheduling a routine maintenance program. This is to ensure you stay ahead of any possible breaches in your now completely disinfected, clean and safe environment.

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